Guidance Notes

A Guidance of what to expect

. After we have received a written referral and relevant medical history, from your vet about you dog/cat, we are able to make an appointment for the initial consultation session.

. In the consultation session, we will discuss your pet and the condition/s he/she has been referred for.
We will do an assessment and get to know your dog/cat. There will be a range of health checks carried out.
This will allow us to design an individual program to meet your pets needs.

. As part of the treatment, your pet will be given a warm shower in preparation for the exercise. During the session, your pet will be required to wear one of our anatomically appropriate harnesses or a buoyancy jacket.

. The session will be in accordance with the tailored program. Pool or treadmill use, then rest, and repeat. Timings and repetitions will be adjusted to how your pet is managing, taking into account conditions, injuries, fitness, age and overall capability on that particular day.

. The session will end with heat treatment in the shower and then drying, either with towels or drier.

. The consultation/initial session will be for approximately 40 - 50 minutes and the price is €40. Follow on sessions will be approximately 30 - 40 minutes and the price is €30.

. As the owner, you are required to stay with your dog during the session, unless it has been agreed otherwise.

. Our pool is 2 X 4 meters and the water is kept at a constant temperature of 30 degrees Celsius and water health is monitered by the latest Flipr technology developed in france.

. The facilities are fully air-conditioned.

Our hydrotherapists are –

- Bernadette Kerbey – has a recognized ABC Level 3 certificate, Level 3 Diploma & Level 5 Advanced Diploma in “Hydrotherapy for Small Animals”
She is currently studying Level 6 Natural Balance Motion.

- Josie Schuster-Lammas - has a recognized ABC Level 3 certificate in “Hydrotherapy for Small Animals”.

Conditions for Hydrotherapy

• Hydrotherapy treatment will only be carried out on dogs/cats that have been referred to us by a veterinary surgery and at owners risk.

• Animals with infections or contagious conditions e.g. ear, eye or skin infections will not be treated.

• We reserve the right to refuse treatment.

• Females in season are not permitted until after their season has finished.

• Owners are responsible to inform us of any change in their pet’s condition, and/or if the veterinary surgeon advises treatment be stopped or suspended.

• Pets should not be fed for at least 3 hours before a hydrotherapy session or at least 1 hour after treatment.

• Please ensure your pet is toileted before the session, as accidents in the pool will incur an extra minimum charge of €100 due to needing to empty, clean, refill and reheat the pool.

• We reserve the right to use video and photography footage taken during the session.

• We will take every safeguard to ensure the maintenance of the water and hydrotherapy equipment at all times.

• Non-slip footwear and extreme caution must be taken in the pool room, as we can not be responsible for any injury that occurred whilst on our premises.

• It is the owner’s responsibility to poop-a-scoop after their pets whilst on our premises.

• Please don’t exercise your dog before or after treatment, the hydrotherapy treatment should count as your dogs exercise for that day.

• Your dog may be very tired following the session, let her/him rest, but ensure they move around a little now and again so as not to become stiff.

• The length of hydrotherapy treatment, either in the pool or in the treadmill, will be decided by the hydrotherapist according to your dogs needs.
Owners and their pets use the hydrotherapy center at their own risk. We can therefore not be held responsible or liable for any accident/injury suffered by owners or animals using our center and its facilities. We cannot accept any responsibilities for any loss or damage to people, animals, vehicles or personal belongings in the hydrotherapy pool & area or whilst on our premises.