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Spirulina 70gm

Animals with the following conditions have selected Spirulina - Allergies (especially skin): Arthritis and other joint problems: Growing, aging, or run down dogs (rich in protein and nutrients) Immune disorders

Spirulina contains concentrated vitamins, minerals and other valuable nutrients that are readily absorbed by the body. It also contains high amounts of beta carotene, anti-oxidants and iron and is a source of essential amino acids, carbohydrates, enzymes and essential fatty acids, vitamin B complex and vitamins C and E.


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Nutritional Supplements

CSJ Heal!

A herbal blend for the nutritional balance of the digestive system. (200g pot)

Ingredients : Chamomile, Scullcap, Comfrey Leaf, Aniseed, Mint. .

Camomile is valuable in helping support the nervous system. Commonly known as the most popular herbal tea for a "relaxing sleep", Chamomile is often used as a 'calming and digestive aid'. It can also benefit some skin conditions. It can also help maintain healthy skin.

Scullcap is traditionally used to calm and relax without interfering with the performance of the animal.

Comfrey Leaf can help support and maintain a healthy digestive system.

Aniseed promotes digestion, improves appetite and relieves flatulence.

Mint can be taken to help support the nervous system and, as everybody knows, can be taken to aid digestive system.


Licorice Root Powder

Animals with the following conditions have selected Liquorice root -

Eye problems:

Hormonal disturbances - female - especially dogs that have been spayed:

Liver problems.

Liquorice offers mental stimulation. Medicinally, it contains chemicals similar to human adrenal hormones.

Liquorice root is popular offered dry to horses and mixed into a paste using a vegetable oil for dogs


Lemon Powder

Animals with the following conditions have selected Lemon powder (made from the dried peel of the fruit) -

Horses with sarcoids:

Animals with unitary problems, especially crystals/stones, (also offer lemon essential oil).

Fresh rosehip powder

We are finding that rosehip powder is being selected more and more frequently by dogs, usually mixed into a paste with rice bran oil. Offer at the same time as barley grass and spirulina since rosehip powder can help the absorption of their vital nutrients and minerals.You may find that your dog alternates between the bowls. The vitamin C in rosehips also supports enzymes that make collagen; it is therefore often selected by animals that need to increase collagen production especially in cases after injury.

CSJ Come On!

Ingredients : Echinacea, Fenugreek, Seaweed, Milk Thistle, Garlic Granules, Nettle and Rosehips.

Echinacea help the body fight infections by supporting the immune system.

Fenugreek is often used as an appetiser and can be used to help gain weight and condition.

Seaweed provides a wonderful natural supply of vitamins and minerals and is used for pigmentation in the coat

Milk Thistle has been used to support and maintain the liver functions.

Garlic can help support the digestive system. It can also act as a natural flea repellent! Fleas often harbour tapeworms that get into the dog's system when he swallows the fleas.

Nettle can help to stimulate a dog's appetite - acting like a tonic. The powdered form of the common stinging nettle is often used in cases of flaky or scurfy skin conditions and hair loss where bald patches appear. It can also help the hair to grow back!

Rosehips are a great natural source of vitamin C that helps support a dog's immune system to fight off viral and bacterial infections.