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CSJ Get Over!

'Get Over!' has been formulated for the very active or more mature dog that is starting to show old age - especially in these cold and wet weather conditions. It is extremely effective and can provide that extra bit of help - without the need for steroids or pricey alternatives.


Comfrey Leaf, Dandelion, Celery Seed, Nettle, Devils Claw Root, Burdock Root.


CSJ No Ake!

'There are times when our GET OVER! herb mix is just 'not enough' for dogs experiencing acute stiffness of the joints or are perhaps getting over an injury. This is when 'No Ake' should be used. The tiny daily dose (based on the 1/4 teaspoon scoop provided with pot) can be added to the dog's dinner on a continuous or ad-hoc basis. ** Please be aware that further injury to a dog could be caused by this product masking any pain. Ingredients: Devil's Claw Root It is extremely effective and can provide that extra bit of help - without the need for steroids or pricey alternatives AND it won't upset the dog's tummy.

(also available as a tincture) 18€

CSJ Resist!

A totally natural herbal supplement that can help support the dog's natural immune system to help 'fight' intolerances and sensitivities while putting a wonderful shine on their coat!


CSJ Turn Back Thyme!

Certain changes occur when your dogs get older - some of which we do not see or even appreciate! Their bodily functions will slow down and this may result in a number of medical problems. For instance, difficulty after a walk or exercise in getting up; kidney problems, liver problems, skin problems and so on.. Over the years we have developed a very successful range of herbal supplements for dogs in treating certain problems but 'Turn Back Thyme!' is aimed with the "older dog” in mind. 'Turn Back Thyme!' contains herbs for all round health but with particular benefits such as Blackcurrant & Thyme - Respiratory Problem and Colitis etc Rosehips - Good, natural source of Vitamin C Mint - to aid digestion Milk Thistle - to keep the liver healthy Dandelion - to flush the kidneys and keep the animal passing water correctly Cayenne - an all rounder with specific value to treat high blood pressure. It is also an aid for problems with the stomach and ulceration if present. A daily dose of the mix should be added to your dog's dinner - either once a day or split into two. The 5ml scoop is contained in the pot.


CSJ Seaweed & Parsley!

A totally natural product - made from Canadian Kelp and Seaweed - that is simply sprinkled on to your dog's dinner. The daily amount fed is TINY so the 100g pot should last an average sized dog (Border Collie) over 8 months! A small scoop is included in the 100g pot.

available in 100gm and 350gm pots

Organic Wintergreen Gel